Lenguage: English - Spanish



Sofia's Debt is an intense interactive experience.Looking as a suspense thriller, you have to live 20 minutes in Ana's life. Meanwhile you will know about her family heredity sentence, remounting her To it's grandmothers present.


Windows® XP or Vista, Processor: Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon, 128 Mb RAM (512 recommended)
Hard disk space: 1,0 GB libres, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, Video card with 64MB DirectX 9.0c compatible 
(GeForce 2/Radeon 7500 or better), Sound Card DirectX 9.0c compatible, DirectX® version 9.0c o newer.


The latest versions of DIRECTX and your video card drivers are recomended.



La deuda de Sofía me ha parecido... ALUCINANTE!!!, no sólo por el apartado gráfico que es "BRUTAL", sino por la calidad con la que has se han entremezclado los sonidos y la historia, que ahora, en esta nueva versión del juego, parece más terrorífica que nunca.

Manuel Martos - España

All I can say is 'Highly Recommendable'! this game is really good one. Very excellent atmosphere for the horror stuff, and I think this is a MUST-PLAY for every adventure gamers.

MrKwang - Corea

Que buen jueguito!. Cuanto hace que no me deleito con una aventura de esas en las que disfrutas cada silaba de los textos.

Mariano Mijalovsky - Argentina

Wow!! That game is Awesome!! Not to mention really really really scary!!

Jordy Tubman - USA

I just finished Sofia's Debt. Very good job -- it evokes a strong atmosphere, an eerie claustrophobic feeling in a very short time. That's not easy to do. 

Andromus - USA

Very polished, definitely quality over quantity which I like to see. I'll be very much looking forward to your future work from now on Fathamburguer - USA

Oh my goodness, Sofia's Debt was so much fun to play. And it was truly truly scary, which is rare for a video game. The lone guitar playing in the background set a perfect and mysterious tone to environment. The story was so engrossing that I hope a full-length game is developed from it. I particularly liked the art and opera references; very nice touch. Thank you for creating such a wonderfully immersing and suspenseful game. You did a great job; keep up the good work!

Liz Jones - USA